Yerba Buena High School – New Student Union and Quad Modernization


The Yerba Buena High School campus is an assemblage of well-defined pathways and mature trees, with pleasing juxtapositions to the campus quad and neighboring creek environments that form a unique campus. The Student Union and Quad Modernization project’s design objective is not only to illustrate these values through physical form on a spirited site, but also to re-align the school’s presence and point of arrival for the students and the community.  The Student Union will establish itself as a cohesive partner to the existing relationships by becoming a hub for the students and staff, by providing choices of experience and venue to users of diverse needs and interest, by supporting a variety of services, by welcoming visitors into well-defined, stimulating and vibrant public spaces, by enhancing and maintaining campus character and identity, by integrating sustainable design, construction and operational practices throughout to preserve the environment, by surrounding the building with open, natural spaces for outdoor learning environments and transition, and by providing a successful, pleasing design that harmonizes with the surrounding campus and community.

The project includes demolition of part or all of existing Building 100, which has reached the end of its useful life.  The replacement building will become a new Student Union, featuring academic and student support services focusing on improving student achievement. The Student Union will include a dining commons that can also be used for assemblies or other functions, academic spaces to support project-based learning, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classrooms, Learning/Media Center, student support and academic counseling service areas, ASB (Associated Student Body) spaces, school bank, staff support spaces including a copy/mail/supply center, a student/parent center, administrative offices, and a micro-fitness center.

The project also includes modernization of the adjacent campus quadrangle. Approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of landscape/hardscape areas adjacent to the new Student Union will be renovated as part of the project. The integrated design of interior and exterior spaces will allow for program spaces and activities to flow seamlessly.

Swing space make-ready work is in process to prepare alternate housing for when Building 100 is under construction.

  • Dance Room Conversion: An under utilized space in the Theater Building 500 was converted into a dance room, so that dance classes no longer needed to be conducted on the Theater stage. This freed up the Theater for large assemblies that would normally occur in the Library, which will become unavailable when the Building 100 Student Union is under construction. The scope included installation of a dance floor, mirrors, paint and lighting.

Project Budget:   $21.6M

Project Status:  Construction

Occupancy / Beneficial Use:

  • Dance Room: August 2015
  • Student Union and Quad Modernization: August 2018

Business Partners:

Construction Manager:   Kitchell CEM

Michael Carson, 831.646.4297,

Design-Build Criteria Docs:   Kitchell CEM

Michael Carson, 831.646.4297,

Design-Build Team:  Flint Builders + JK Architecture Partnership + MFDB Architects