WiFi Upgrades Phase II


Wireless II is a districtwide initiative to build our existing wireless internet from its current condition where we cover approximately 70% of our campuses to a system that provides wireless throughout the entire campus including areas that were previously not useful as teaching areas using technology like ball fields. This initiative will improve access in existing classroom areas and provide students the opportunity to be ‘on’ regardless of where they are on campus.

Another aspect of this initiative is to take our still very useful equipment, remove it from half of our campuses and reinstall it at existing campuses. This will reduce cost and better manage resources. Half of our campuses will have the existing technology and they will have their entire campuses covered with wireless.

In the campuses where it has been removed, they will receive newer technology. In 3 years, the campuses with the older technology will be upgraded and as time elapses we can do our upgrades to networks on half the campuses at a time, reducing risk, increasing uptime and decreasing stress on staff.

This project will eliminate ‘dead spots’ on our campuses and turn ball fields and previously unconsidered locales as potential teaching areas.

This project has three phases: A, B, C. Phase A replaced all existing network access points and two new core controllers for the new network. Phase B added access points to all classrooms that previously did not have an access point, which was approximately 50% of all classrooms. Phase C will provide wireless access in the areas outside the classrooms to blanket the entire campus in wireless access including, but not limited to, sports fields and parking lots.

Project Budget:   $2.5 M

Project Status:  Phases A, B, C are now complete. The performance of the system has met the initial goals set by the District. Students and staff have reported a high level of satisfaction with the project. Certain access points will be activated upon completion of the Districtwide Security Camera Upgrades project.

Occupancy / Beneficial Use:  2015 – 2016

Business Partners:  

Construction Manager: ESUHSD Information Technology Staff

Equipment: Aruba Networks, Inc.

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