Oak Grove High School – Buildings H1 and H2 Restrooms Modernization


The restroom renovations are designed to bring these areas into compliance with access guidelines, and to provide an opportunity to introduce new restroom fixture technology.  The project will provide improved facilities that provide greater comfort, easier access for all, and lower operating costs.

The work consists of removal and replacement of interior finishes, plumbing fixtures, toilet partitions, and toilet accessories in addition to electrical, lighting and mechanical upgrades. The project also consists of a minor renovation to the staff restrooms in each building along with a “deep” cleaning of each. All restrooms at one building will remain functional at all times. Only one building can be renovated at a time.


Project Budget:   $1.4M

Project Status:  Construction

Occupancy / Beneficial Use:  May 2018

Business Partners:

Architect:  LPA, Inc.

Construction Manager:   Kitchell CEM

Michael Carson, 831.646.4297, macarson@kitchell.com

Contractor:  R.C. Benson & Sons, Inc.