Oak Grove High School – Building A 2nd Floor Student Center and Quads Modernization


The design of the Student Center will derive from a conversion of the existing library, and go beyond any library preconceptions of the past. Older library standards of the past, if used today, would probably result in a design that is too fixed, too big, or too small in all the wrong places. Where once the number of physical books in a room portrayed significance, today the important metrics are how many relevant and engaging services and programs are offered and how many sociable alcoves, intimate spaces, and technology enabled places are available for students to meet in, collaborate, study, learn, hold a club session, chat, write, and more. The Student Center will breathe new life into the 2nd floor of building A, respecting the existing building while incorporating an inspired attitude into the shared space. The conversion will incorporate ample amounts of glazing to take advantage of natural light and views in all directions.

Modernization of the Quads will result in a communal and collective atmosphere where outdoor gathering and learning occur simultaneously in an environment designed to embrace and welcome all. The design will provide a thoughtful response to the available space on campus, take visual cues from the existing site features, and include strategic opportunities for shade. The improved courtyards will reduce stormwater runoff and provide an outdoor educational environment that facilitates curriculum for science programs such as biology, botany, geology, geography, art programs such as photography, 2D art, and liberal arts such as english composition. Through hands-on interpretative environmental opportunities, sustainable design principles, presentation galleries and outdoor learning studios, teachers and students will use the courtyard micro-ecosystem as an evolving laboratory for their academic disciplines and as a means of understanding the hydrological, geological, geographical and biological environment of their high school campus. The project’s success will rely on integrating existing features and new features with ease.

Construction on the Student Center consists of: complete renovation of the second floor of the Administration Building or Building “A”. Includes removal and replacement of interior finishes, casework, ceilings, painting, roofing, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and low voltage wiring. Additionally there will be 2 new exterior stairs and site work.

Construction on the Quad Modernization consists of: complete renovation of the Central Campus Quad. Includes removal and replacement of site concrete, asphalt paving, landscaping, irrigation, site lighting, and fencing. Additionally, there will be a renovation of an existing shade structure.

Project Budget:   $7.3 M

Project Status:  Construction

Occupancy / Beneficial Use:  August 2018

Business Partners:

Architect:  LPA, Inc.

Construction Manager:   Kitchell CEM Michael Carson, 831.646.4297, macarson@kitchell.com

Contractor for Student Center:  Strawn Construction, Inc.

Contractor for Quad Modernization:  Strawn Construction, Inc.