James Lick High School – Building 900 Student Center & Quad Modernization


As a member of the New Tech Network, James Lick High School is transforming into an innovative learning environment featuring project based learning approaches that engage students with dynamic, rigorous curriculum, and helps students to develop the deeper learning skills that they need to succeed in life, college, and their chosen careers.  James Lick New Tech High School is set apart with smaller class sizes 29:1, team teaching, 1:1 computing, combined subject areas, project based learning.  Students will be prepared to not only enter but complete two and four year programs after high school.

The Student Center and adjacent quad modernization project creates campus facilities to support James Lick High School’s transformation. Positioned at the crossroads of major axes and clearly positioned to be visible from many areas on campus, Building 900 and the adjacent quad is the optimal location for the new Student Center and shaded courtyard experience. The overall design will honor the importance of the site’s history, with specific attention given to the unique form of the iconic Comet Building, while providing a contemporary and functional design.

The Student Center will function as a space where learning and socializing occur simultaneously in an environment designed to embrace and welcome all. The Student Center will fulfill several campus objectives such as providing an environment where events can be staged, and where students can gather informally outside of the classroom. The indoor/outdoor experience will provide space for varied functions and groups and will need to maintain a comfortable scale in all configurations. It will support dining areas, student activities, and presentations. Semi-public functions such as student lounges and meeting spaces will also be part of the open plan. The site’s unique proximities allow an inviting transition of unobstructed flow of indoor/outdoor spaces providing a seamless experience to/from the student center, food service, the Comet Building, conference rooms, and outdoor seating under shade.


Project Budget:  $14.8M

Project Status:  Construction

Occupancy / Beneficial Use:  October 2018

Business Partners:

Architect:   Cody Anderson Wasney Architects, Inc.

Construction Manager:   Gilbane Building Company

Alex Morrison, 408.438.0411, amorrison@gilbaneco.com

Contractor:   Thompson Builders Corporation