Independence High School / Alternative Education Facility Upgrades


  • Modernization of Building J at Independence High School will house Pegasus High School.  The strategic adjacency of the Pegasus program with Independence Adult Center will facilitate connections, allowing IAC to offer Pegasus students adult education classes, as well as support such as resume development and career support services. Interior modernization of existing Building J includes hazardous material abatement, demolition of existing interior, non-structural walls and finishes removal of existing flooring, removal of existing suspended and framed ceilings. Installation of new framed interior partition walls. Removal of existing utilities and systems including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, and data/communication/signal. New finishes throughout the interior, paint interior and exterior of the building. Replacement of existing exterior doors and new windows at classrooms. As well as Roofing at utility wells.
    Also site-work including: accessible parking, grading and paving at courtyards, fencing, planters and site utilities.
  • Modernization of Buildings G and H at Independence High School, will provide space for ACE Charter School. ACE has identified additional building improvements to Buildings G and H to accommodate ACE’s instructional and education program needs. These elements will be incorporated into the design and will be funded by ACE. In this project, buildings G1-G4 and H will be modernized. The G Buildings will be re-carved to add more classrooms and administration space. Damaged flooring and ceiling tiles will be replaced. New carpets, door hardware, a new electrical system and lighting will be installed. Walls will be re-painted and a new HVAC units and system will be installed. Building H will be completely re-designed to create 6 regular classrooms with new flooring, a new electrical system and new interior space.
  • Modernization of Building L will provide space for Downtown College Prep, a charter school located on the Independence campus. Classrooms in buildings L2, L3 and L4 will be modernized this summer. The scope of the work includes refreshing the classrooms and performing minor landscaping in the courtyard area. Work includes, but is not limited to: painting, floor repair, ceiling repair, resurfacing of counters where needed, HVAC refurbishment, new lighting, low voltage upgrade and plumbing. The science laboratory in L1 will receive a new mobile fume hood and a new eyewash station. Work in the courtyard area includes repair of storm drains and removal of planters.
  • Portable Village in a parking lot at the west end of the Independence campus is being utilized for temporary classrooms and support space. Phase 1, completed August 2015, included the installation of 17 portable classrooms.  Phase 2 was the installation of 5 additional portable classrooms to house Pegasus High School students while Building J is under construction.

Project Budget:  $16.5 million

Occupancy / Beneficial Use: 

  • Portable Village Phase 1:  August 2015
  • Portable Village Phase 2: June 2016
  • Buildings G and H modernization for ACE Charter School: January 2018
  • Building L modernization:  August 2016
  • Pegasus High School Modernization: February 2018

Business Partners:

Architect:  Dreiling Terrones Architecture, Inc.

Construction Manager:  Van Pelt Construction Services

Portable Village Phase 1


  • Duran & Venables, Inc.–
  • Guerra Construction Group
  • Williams Scotsman, Inc.
  • Enviroplex, Inc.

Portable Village Phase 2


  • Guerra Construction Group
  • Williams Scotsman, Inc.

Building L Modernization

Contractor:  Strawn Construction, Inc.

Buildings J, G & H Modernization

Contractor:  Beals Martin & Associates, Inc.

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