Foothill High School – Building F Hooper Hall Modernization and Quad Modernization


The modernization of Hooper Hall will provide an interactive connection to the public, and opportunity for the campus community to have a unified and shared experience. The modernization will create an environment where events can be staged, and where Foothill High School students can gather informally outside of the classroom, retaining students on campus and encouraging their involvement in student life. The Hall will provide space for varied functions and groups, maintaining a comfortable scale in all arrangements. It will support dining areas, student activities, and presentations. Semi-public functions such as student lounges and meeting spaces will be woven into an open plan.

The expansion of the food service area in the Hall will allow for service to more students simultaneously through an open environment that creates visual and intuitive separation of the private and public areas.

The campus’ main electrical switchgear in Hooper Hall will be replaced, as will the roof.

The project also includes modernization of the adjacent campus quadrangle. The landscape/hardscape areas adjacent to Hooper Hall will be renovated as part of the project; a thoughtful design response will integrate interior and exterior spaces to allow for programs and activities to flow seamlessly.


Project Budget:   $3.4 M

Project Status:  Construction

Occupancy / Beneficial Use:  Late April 2018

Business Partners:

Architect:  Artik Art & Architecture

Construction Manager:   Kitchell CEM

Michael Carson, 831.646.4297,

Contractor:  CRW Industries